Node.js was created by Rayn Dahl in 2009 and his work was supported by Joyent. The core idea behind its development was extending Javascript into something that can not only run in the browser but also operate on the machine as a standalone application.
What can Node.JS do? Can you use it to build your first highly-secured application?
If you are asking these questions, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to inform you why there’s so much hype among the developers when it comes to Node.js.
With so many technologies for development, it can be tough to choose the one which you can easily master yet it can give you better results. Besides, as a beginner, it’s way tougher to choose. So why should you go for Node.js? What makes it so special? Let’s get started from the basics.
Node.js was created by Rayn Dahl in 2009 and his work was supported by Joyent. The core idea behind its development was extending Javascript into something that can not only run in the browser but also operates on the machine as a standalone application.
Along with Javascript, Node.js runs on the specific Javascript runtime engine, i.e., V8. This runtime engine takes your code from Javascript and transforms it into rapid machine code.
Besides, several top-notch apps like Uber, PayPal, Netflix, etc. state that Node.js has powered their web applications and has provided a much faster interface.
Why Node.js?
Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment that promotes open-source and cross-platform functionalities. It helps in the execution of Javascript outside a browser. With the help of Node.js, one can create a dynamic web application or web page by writing and running a command-line for server-side scripting before the page is being shared at the user’s end.
It provides a unique blend of helpers, libraries, and other tools that make the web app development process efficient, easier, and simpler to operate. Besides, it offers a powerful base to develop web apps while securing an online presence.
Node.js uses a non-blocking, event-driven I/O Model that turns it light and efficient. It has one of the largest open-source libraries ecosystems, NPM. Besides, it uses push technology on web sockets that allows 2-way communication between server and client. One of the perfect examples of this feature of Node.js is Chatbots. You might have come across one of those while visiting a website’s customer service as well.
So now that you have a clear understanding of what you can do with Node.js, let’s get to the details that make it astounding!
Reasons that Make Node.js Exceptional!
Fast & Scalable
The scalability that Node.js provides to an organization has boosted their profits. As we have already discussed that Node.js runs on V8, its speed in terms of computing is unbeatable. With the new JS code conversion into the native language, the outcoming speed of operation has inspired several large and small institutions.
Besides, Node.js can help you with its ability to run a large batch of asynchronous processes simultaneously. Unlike other technologies for development, Node.js can complete reading, writing, or modifying a database in a shorter timeline.
Supremely Extensible
Another vital feature of Node.js is its extensibility. According to the requirements you have, the capabilities it has can be constructed and extended. For any developer who wants to share data among the web server and client, Node.js is there for your aid. It saves the coder from modulating differences in syntax while writing for the backend.
Easy To Learn & Code
From the very beginning, Javascript has been introduced in the coding world. It has improved and evolved itself with the internet. That means, almost every programmer or developer has a little bit of Javascript knowledge. But for those who don’t know what the heck is Javascript, it’s the basic and simple language that anyone can efficiently learn in minimum time.
As the V8 engine is created for JS coding and deployment by Google Chrome, it makes your work problem-free, and easy. So to get fabulous deployment results, all you need to do is code with JS along with Node.js and your stunning web-app is on its way!
Enhanced Productivity
Being entirely based on Javascript, Node.js removes the requirement for having different developers. Be it front-end or back-end, you can easily do it with Node.js instead of relying on other programming languages to complete the task which in return increases productivity.
Pervasive Runtime
With the arrival of Node.js, Javascript has been freed from the limitation of the environment as well. Now you can use JS on the client-side along with the server-side.
Regardless of where you are manipulating with the files, the effects can easily be seen on the other side.
Data Streaming
When it comes to Data Streaming, Node.js can effectively handle both input and output requests to support the online streaming functionality. It uses data streams to run certain operations at the same time it processes data.
Single Codebase
As you can write code in JS on both server and client-side, Node.js makes code execution and deployment faster and easier. Moreover, as language conversion is not required in Node.js, the data can be easily transferred from client to server and vice-versa.
NPM or Node.js Package Module enables different environmental packages to indulge into the existing one. It makes the development and performance robust, consistent, and quicker. There are more than 6000 modules available in Node.js that competes with ruby and will soon surpass it.
Database Query Resolutions
With Node.js working for both front-end and back-end, there is no need for you to worry about the translation of codes which also promotes flawless streaming while easily solving the database queries by itself.
Proxy Server
Node.js acts like a proxy server that gathers data resources and gives the third-party app enough time to perform the requested/required actions.
Node.js comes with plenty of benefits which makes it an adequate choice for developing a web application. While using it in your next project, you can not only assure less turnaround time, but also ensure an amazing output level.
If you want to empower yourself as a developer and you want the user of your web application to utilize the application to its highest extent in order to yield desirable outcomes, then Node.js is an ideal alternative.
Overall, it would not be wrong to say that Node.js has become the first choice for web app developers. There are several reasons Node.js has flourished so much and will undoubtedly reach great heights in the application development industry. It gives you what you want so you can offer creative solutions.